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Graphic Design is a descriptive details, especially exciting or unpleasant (individually dependent),

a graphic designer often works with images, paintings and texts to convey his/her message.

At Invigorate Media Academy, we will equip you with the required skills to bringing such ideas to reality.

Week Days: Thu & Fri

  • Time: 10am - 1pm

Weekends: Sat & Sun

  • Time: 12pm – 3pm


·     Introduction to design
·     Basic tools application
·     Drawings, Vectors and bitmaps
·     Typography and Fonts
·     Image/Photo editing
·     Colour theory and usage
·     Design composition
.     Brief Interpretation


This course is designed for entry level to intermediate Non-Linear Editors.

An eight (8) weeks course well designed to give students all the necessary fundamental acumen to edit with the Adobe Premiere Pro and output with Adobe Media Encoder.

Week Days: Mon & Tue

  • Time: 10am - 1pm

Weekends: Sat & Sun

  • Time: 12pm - 3pm



  • Course introduction
  • Supplemental material
  • Adobe premiere pro basics
  • Audio editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Colour correction and colour grading
  • Text and titles
  • Video effects and transitions
  • Green screen/chroma keying
  • The final cut, exporting and uploading online
  • Course wrap up/gracias


8 Weeks…Ahhh!!! Is that enough time to learn each course?
The syllabus has being streamlined/designed by our season professionals to suit the purpose of this study, we will start the course from the beginning and end on a high note considering that our prospective students had no prior knowledge of this course. Don’t fret!!

 What are the Instructors Like?
At IMA, courses are tutored by professionals. Our facilitators have a minimum of ten years tutoring and real world application experience.

How Do I Pay?
Payment can be made only into the Bank Account:
Banker: Zenith Bank
Account Number: 1013215131

Can the payment be on installments?
Yes, for ease purpose, payments can be made in two (2) installments; 60% upfront and 40% balance by 3rd week after the training commences. Receipts shall be issued at the Academy upon presentation of the original bank deposit slip.